Indalva S.L. Is a Spanish company that has pioneered the formulation and packaging of insecticides and fungicides into micro-granulated form. We specialize in production for third parties of plant nutrients in dispersible granules.

Our firm orientation offers innovative and high quality products which position us as a reference in the agrochemical sector and allow us to be the makers of at least 80% of the granulated products offered for Spanish agricultural use and 30% of the European market. We believe that the responsibility of any industry goes beyond rules and regulations and that is why we have defined a clear ethical and social commitment to the respect for the environment.

Our customers know this which is why they choose us to create their products, especially when they want to guarantee maximum applicator safety. Five decades of experience (1965-2015) and an impeccable trajectory based on research and the constant investment in physical, technological and human capitol, we stand at the forefront of the agrochemical industry. We strive every day to keep our contribution to the industry for many more generations to come.