The importance we give to our customers makes us want to reach their standards and strive to always offer added value that makes us a different manufacturer and why not say it,’ unique’.

In 2010 as part of our strategy to undertake projects that improve quality, we invested in the acquisition of a "controlled atmosphere packaging" plant. The plant consists of two packing lines, installed in an isolated area in which the atmosphere is treated and dried. In this way the air contained in the hermetic aluminum bags is prepared to help in the perfect conservation of WDG products, thanks to this technology the physicochemical properties is kept in perfect conditions during a long period extending its guarantee for more time than any other manufacturer can offer. Due to the nutritional products being solid, they maintain their chemical behavior throughout their life, as the form of packing has been improved; the product keeps its properties intact for a longer period. These properties must involve the chemical behavior (solubility, dissolution, pH, blends), as much as the agronomic behavior (field effects).

The filling machines are made of stainless steel and have been designed to make cleaning easier, avoiding the cross contamination caused by different product residues. A latest generation multi head machine is used for small packing (<1kg) which has a weight precision of +/- 10 g.