The origin of the company dates from the early 60’s with the purpose of developing a new type of insecticide formulated in granular form. Following this tradition, the first 35 years of activity saw several insecticides and herbicides such as Chlorpyrifos, Londax 5% and 7% developed in cooperation with our major clients.

The 2000 decade was decisive for INDALVA to make its immersion in the field of agricultural research for plant nutrition. We have our own R & D + I Department which is constantly developing products that help farmers to achieve profitable crops through sustainable agriculture. In 2004, with the cooperation of the Miguel Hernández University in Elche, we conducted research and development of new formulas to create the only complete bio-stimulant and nutrition plant range of products in the form of WG. The technology used to manufacture these products is exclusive to INDALVA and is based on the formulation of granules that are 100% soluble in water. This makes the handling and application of this formulation easier. Thanks to its unique mechanism of dissolution which are free from dust, they do not form lumps. In 2007 and also co working with the University, we began the research of an active copper product with a new formula and the assumption of foliar absorption. We conducted safety terms field trials and effectiveness by inoculation.

The product has been well received in the international market standing out among the whole range and has become a new generation of products among the copper products, being soluble and able to penetrate the plant tissues without causing spots on fruits or leaves. Moreover, the application does not generate any stress (does not stop the plant) and generates no environmental damage. From 2009, the I + D + I Department focused on creating a new nutritional range for three years. A high concentration line of correctors was created from the hypothesis that the mixture of chelating and complexing agents may have a synergistic effect. After eleven biological studies which were supervised by several scientific and academic institutions and with a strict scientific methodology, it was discovered that these products were not only highly effective but that there effectiveness was higher than those products that only contain chelating or complexing agents but not both, as it is in our case.

Two years ago, we started the research and development of new formulas for creating a stimulant to salt and water stress. The various components of the formula as osmoregulator molecules, allow the plant to minimize the harmful effects of salinity and water stress, which directly affects the production and quality of the harvest. In recent years it has also worked with several multinational development of chemical fungicides in WG format, some of them world premieres for which Indalva is the exclusive formulator.

Since 2015 we have begun developing a new range of bio pesticides in WG and CD formats. The first product under investigation is a broad-spectrum nematicide based on natural extracts. An insecticide, a fungicide and miticide will follow.

This exhibition of our history, allows us to show that research has an important line in our business management model. We are convinced that research as a way to innovation is a key factor for competitiveness.