INDALVA S.L. has successfully completed the development of a CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) project in which we have invested more than two years to an exhaustive research process. The aim was the development of a totally different range of products compared to others that are on the market and also developed accordingly with the innovative technology of the INDALVA group. We therefore create valuable products at the nutritional and phytosanitary level, based on criteria of sustainable agriculture, circular economy and above all, ensuring human health. A challenge, since we know the disadvantages and risks of traditional products in this regard. The innovation of the project, in addition to the agronomic or environmental advantages, is provided by the exclusive soluble granule formulation technology, called WSG-FB, a hallmark of INDALVA S.L From our solid formulations, a series of advantages are evident, starting with savings in transport and the improvement of waste management, without forgetting the absence of toxic components such as solvents. All this represents more safety and ease during handling. Regarding the behaviour of the product, our formulation offers an exclusive self-dissolution mechanism that guarantees 100% solubility, and therefore the absence of precipitation or obstructions in the irrigation equipment.

Thanks to the financing of the CDTI, we have created a bionutrient obtained from an extract of animal origin which is rich and balanced. It is able to improve the nutritional development and the complete crop cycle without the need to apply traditional fertilizers (NPK). The remaining four products are biopesticides. Products with phytosanitary activity but made from natural substances and therefore free of toxic waste, both are safe for human health and environment friendly. Two of the four products have a fungicidal activity. One of them is aimed at fighting botrytis and another has been specially designed to eliminate oidium. The other two products are nematicides, with similar efficacy, but we wanted to go one step further because one of them is also able to stimulate the metabolism to enhance vegetative development.

The results obtained in the experimental centres showed that the effectiveness of our new line would be similar to that of the products compared. Sometimes we even exceeded the results of some of the commercial biopesticides and achieved the behaviour of the best known traditional phytosanitary products. The support of the CDTI, through European funds, has been decisive for the development of our innovative project. This is the third time that the CDTI supports us for the allocation of its funds since the creation of the company. Its vote of confidence and selection criteria consolidates us as a research-oriented company and a reference in the international agrochemical industry.