As a family business, we wanted to share with you, our website visitors, a brief description of the path that we have chosen during these past 50 years of activity. A shedding journey with sacrifice and dedication but with the satisfaction of having become the company that today, we can show and offer with pride.

Mr. Joaquín Valero Albaladejo shares with his uncle, Mr. Antonio Albaladejo Pascual, an idea taken from a lecture about pesticides that he attended in the United Kingdom. Uncle and nephew, being very familiar with the business of the agrochemicals decided to undertake the challenge: disinfect the soil dedicated to crops and prepare it for new seeding.

With the precarious and limited resources that time offered, they took absorbent clay, converted it into small granules which were then sun dried and impregnated with insecticide or fungicide for testing, and then laboratory and field trials started. At the time of application, it was rudimentary and was made simultaneously with planting and fertilizing processes. Multinational companies soon saw a future in this project and began co-operating with trials and formula perfection and then began to purchase the product. At this point the business was limited to the manufacture of granules of the inert material or carrier.

The founders donated their surnames ALBALADEJO - VALERO to register Industries INDALVA as a sign that the character of the company always bears their stamp. INDALVA was born in an area of 9,000 m² with which 400 m² was covered and today still stands in the Alicante town of Orihuela.

About 14 people in the agricultural sector made up the incipient staff although those with poorer education had more contact with the plant world of the area.

The founders practiced moonlighting to ensure family support, but it turned into a full-time family business. The increase in demand for products required INDALVA SL to make the first innovations and investments in their manufacturing systems. Rotary kilns with temperature and humidity control and screening machines that guarantee optimum quality were bought. Companies began demanding the finished product and Indalva, faithful to its philosophy of adjusting to the needs of the client, went one step further and was immersed in the complex field of formulation.

The second generation arrives with the incorporation of Antonio Albaladejo García and several members of the Valero family to assure the continuity of the family business and at the same time injecting vitality and new ideas typical of the youth. The idea of a family business was confirmed.

In this decade the crop system was modernized and the international opening of new markets demanded better technologies, knowledge and guarantees.
Indalva bets for growth and buys new plots to enlarge its area up to 62.000 m², 12.000 m² of which are covered and became offices, changing rooms, purification systems, dining rooms, security systems and productive areas. Also, machinery of the latest technology was installed and 360m² were set aside to provide the factory with its own laboratories for the formulations quality control.

Two independent areas were built to formulate pesticides and herbicides following the most strict prevention rules to avoid cross contamination.

This expansion was accompanied by a significant growth in the workforce in which INDALVA employed qualified people such as chemists, engineers, biologists, etc. At this point, the factory doubles its formulation capacity. A daily production of up to 100 tons is reached.

Determined environmental orientation is the priority of the founders, who under strict regulations, establish emergency plans and make INDALVA the second company of the sector in the Valencian community to get permanently approved emergency plans before the National Commission of Civil Protection.

In the same line of environmental conservation, the company introduces changes to improve its production system, minimizing waste and emissions into the atmosphere. This business development without detriment of the sustainability, makes it worthy of its first ISO 14001 certification and was elected among more than 200 companies nationally to have environmental management systems implemented.

Also in this decade, the factory catapults its commitment to innovation and acquires its first plant for the formulation of dispersible granules (W.D.G.). It will produce insecticides, fungicides and micronutrients in the most advantageous way with minimum environmental impact and with zero risks during transport and handling. Using this technology production will be more efficient, free of organic solvents and with fewer containers.

The company, which already had sufficient technology and qualified human capital, is launched to develop an innovative range of products for plant nutrition.
Premises: solid products, 100% soluble in water and high quality.

The R & D department begins research to achieve products that correct soil deficiencies, that stimulate the plants in each phenological stage and even to help the farmer to achieve specific features in their crops.

DISPER PR was born. It is the only complete range of nutrition products in soluble granules and is the only range of soluble granules currently exported to more than 30 countries.

The excellent results in the trials and in the field allowed the company owners to be keen to invest in the exportation of the new line ‘DISPER’. For this purpose, they created the company Eden Modern Agriculture and they gave it the orientation as specialized in international markets for the promotion of the new W.D.G. products.

Again, a member of the Valero family second generation is leading this company confirming once again the family character of the group.

Indalva group which was comprised until then, by the factory and Eden Modern Agriculture, incorporates Eden Agro in its board of societies to perform the DISPER range nationwide distribution.

Meanwhile, the brand was positioned in the international market and reached important recognition as very efficient products that accomplish their purpose.

Renowned agricultural countries are included in the list of distributors of this brand which is displayed in recognized trade fairs around the world. The national and international media starts “talking” about the Spanish range of nutritional products getting significant results and publishes articles referencing the name DISPER, as products of high quality with clear international projection.

At the same time INDALVA continued developing the business of manufacturing for large corporations in the agricultural sector. Its unique formulation with W.D.G. technology allows the company to reach an agreement to be the exclusive formulator of a new fungicide for a Japanese multinational company for which the Japanese company invested more than $50 million USD in product development .

The clientele of this technology is still in expansion and American and Indian multinational enterprises joined the list of companies that entrust INDALVA to manufacture their products.

Currently (year 2015) the Indalva group is at an advanced stage of obtaining permits and licenses for the expansion of the factory and endow it with its second W.D.G. plant that would duplicate the current manufacturing capacity of granular products.

The company plans a medium to short term production of liquid bio-pesticides and W.D.G, and with this new line of products, the incorporation of a new company ascribed to the group, which will be dedicated to the marketing of these products.

The Indalva philosophy is strengthened each decade, to be one step ahead of the demands of the market.