Because our customers are one of the main pillars of the company, we have been adapting our company to their needs, creating several alternatives to meet their business requirements and adjusting ourselves to each client's need.

We have customers who supply one or more elements that are required for the formulation; from the active material to packaging and labels, and Indalva adds the vehicle that makes adding support and other elements necessary to deliver the final product.

We also find clients who place their confidence in INDALVA delegating the entire project, from the purchase of all components for your order including technical products. Indalva is responsible for the formulation, packaging and testing for the optimal development of the product to be supplied.

Our work over these five decades has been marked by the satisfaction of having been and remaining as a supplier of 12 of the 20 largest multinational companies in the agrochemical sector. Our philosophy is to develop projects as a team with our customers, making investments and adjustments to achieve common success.

In summary, our conceptual model is "together, grow and evolve"